WSOP Features has energized the US online poker market, for obvious reasons. As its namesake suggests, this is the online poker site of the prestigious World Series of Poker that is hosted at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. US players have many unique game features to work with at Before we delve into the actual functionality of these features, a breakdown of the available WSOP online features is needed.

Regardless of your operating system – Mac or Windows – resizing tables, table settings, cascading and tiling are important considerations. It’s pretty easy to stretch the size of the tables to fit your screen. The minimum table resize is 500 x 365 pixels, and the maximum is pretty much as large as your smartphone, tablet or PC screen allows. Bear in mind: as you increase your screen size the clarity diminishes somewhat. There are several options available to you to view multiple tables on your screen at the same time, such as tiling. As soon as open tables appear, you’ll be able to see them on your screen. FeaturesWSOP Online Features

Another option available to you is the cascading windows option. Personally, this proportioned diagonal layout is a little confusing to keep track of since multiple tables are piled on top of one another and it requires you to minimise them to find the one you’re looking for. On the plus side, they are automatically tailored to fit your screen size with dimensions of 800 x 570. The time it takes to load these windows is pretty impressive, and the software overall allows for a good degree of interaction with other players. One way that you can interact with other players is Poker Table Chat. It’s possible to Disable Chat with players you don’t wish to talk to, or even to have all chat history with particular players hidden from view.

I’ve always found that taking notes on other players is a valuable exercise. The WSOP online features certainly make this possible. To get started with the Player Notes feature, all you need to do is click on the player and then select Player Notes. Now you can check out the player’s playing styles and the poker player’s behavior, at your leisure. Once you have reviewed the player that you are interested in learning about, you can add your own labels and notes, or use the default texts provided. Like many other poker players, I prefer to add my own notes. These notes will be hidden once you return to the game in progress, but if you mouse over them, you’ll see what you typed in and saved.


Customization of WSOP Poker Room Features

One of the major differences between online poker and traditional poker is the level of customization that you’re able to enjoy in the former. With all of your online poker games at you can use the settings feature to personalize the way your tables look. It’s not only tables though; you can also adjust poker alerts, poker sounds, graphics and animation and so forth. There are three unique table themes to choose from. Other user settings include being able to see all the cards you have folded until the fifth and final community card– the river. In terms of table layout, you can pretty much customize it.

The poker software allows you to choose your table theme, choose your deck and choose your cards’ face. There are several options available with each of these categories. For personal images, you can use one of the avatars provided or you can upload your own. Most players tend to keep the same personal image, but it’s easy to hide the image or remove it. The time that it takes to switch personal images is pretty quick – you just have to navigate to the right section.

Game settings and game effects are important components of the poker features at You can personalize your game settings with all sorts of hidden and invisible elements. These include hiding your bankroll balance, disabling shortcut keys, showing folded cards, selecting manual or automatic time activation, pop-ups when it’s your turn to play and so forth. You can choose your language, the default minimum bets and your preferred table seating – such as 9 player max, or 10 seats at the table. Beyond that, it’s also possible to hide check/calls, show your bets, and to customize the background of the final table. You can easily add sound effects or remove them.

I have found plenty of merit in using the keyboard over the mouse, especially when I’m travelling. With the WSOP features, you can perform all of the poker functions by using the keys on the keyboard, as opposed to the mouse. The convenience of using the keyboard is a time saving too. For example, to fold you simply hit F5, to raise or to bet you simply hit F7, to call or to check you hit F6, and to move the bet slider, you can click on ?/? Arrow. The last one is a little bit tricky, but with enough practice it sinks in pretty fast. All of these features are designed to help you learn how to play WSOP poker games. As I mentioned earlier, hand histories are important if you’re trying to learn how to become a better poker player. You can easily track your game history from the lobby. The WSOP poker room features also showcase a hand history replayer. If you want to check out the tournaments, you can just click on the info tab on the chat box and find out everything you need to know.

In Summary: WSOP Features Plus & Minus Points

The WSOP poker features offer quality for players who want to personalize their online poker experience. The software is actually largely the result of 888 involvement, and that’s a good thing. There are a few flaws in the gameplay itself, and these typically relate to geolocation-related issues. Sometimes the login process is a bit flaky, but most of the time players don’t have login issues. Ultimate Poker is probably the closest rival to in terms of quality of the gaming platform and available features. Many players tend to switch between the two, in Nevada, but is certainly taking the lead. There are several elements of the poker room features that players appreciate, including synchronised breaks, resizeable tables, 4 color decks, a time bank, note taking ability, avatars, late registration at games, and tiled tables. Perhaps a gripe that some players have – it may even be a positive – is that the 888poker software and the WSOP software are really similar. Cash outs are always an issue that need more attention. It’s easy to deposit, but cashing out your funds may take some time depending on the payment method you’ve selected. Perhaps the biggest problem with this online poker room – at least at this point anyway – is that there are simply too few players seeding the pots. This also means that games don’t always start on time because there simply aren’t numbers out there. While the WSOP features are good per se, many players that I compete with complain about the bad beats at This is easily confirmed in poker forums where players cite their poor runs of form, in improbable situations. That having been said, it’s still a winner.